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WithEvents and Handles clause requires form us to declare the thing variable as well as event handler as we create our code, so linkage is produced upon compilation. On토토사이트 the other hand, with AddHandler and RemoveHandler, linkage is developed and removed at runtime, which happens to be far more versatile.

Allow’s think that we wish to load quite a few MDI boy or girl sorts, allowing Each and every of them to generally be loaded only once, and naturally to learn when one of many baby sorts is shut. Since We now have quite a few forms to load we 토토사이트 would want to utilize the AddHandler and RemoveHandler key terms so we can easily be versatile and produce the nominal code we can.

Allow’s get dirty.

one. In Every single MDI kid variety we need to declare a general public celebration.

Public Celebration FormClosed(ByVal file As Sort)

two. In Every MDI baby kind we really have to utilize the Form_Closed approach which handles the MyBase.Closed course and raise the FormClosed occasion.


Personal Sub Form1_Closed(ByVal sender As Item, ByVal e As Technique.EventArgs) _

Handles MyBase.Closed

RaiseEvent FormClosed(Me)

Close Sub

3. On our MDI kind we need to declare two member variables. The primary’s of sort Form and the 2nd’s type is ArrayList.

Non-public m_f(0) as Form

Personal m_sLoadedChildForms As New ArrayList

four. We must implement a technique the will look for the MDI child kinds that are loaded. We’ll also use this process when we unload the MDI youngster kinds.

Non-public Function SearchChildForm(ByVal strSearchForm As String, _Optional ByVal idxEventHandler As Very long = -one) As Long

Dim i As Very long = 0

For i = 0 To m_sLoadedForms.Count – one

If m_sLoadedForms.Item(i) = strSearchForm Then

Dim j As Long = 0

For j = m_f.GetLowerBound(0) To m_f.GetUpperBound(0)

If m_f(j).Identify = strSearchForm Then idxEventHandler = j

Following j

Return i

Conclude If


Return -1

Finish Purpose

five. We have to put into practice a technique to load the mdi child sorts and make use of the SearchChildForm system in order not to load precisely the same mdi child kind 2nd time.

Non-public Sub LoadChildForms(ByVal file As Form)

If m_f.GetUpperBound(0) > 0 Then

ReDim Preserve m_f(m_f.GetUpperBound(0) one)

m_f(m_f.GetUpperBound(0)) = file I

f Not SearchChildForm(m_f(m_f.GetUpperBound(0)).Identify()) >= 0 Then

m_f(m_f.GetUpperBound(0)).MdiParent = Me

AddHandler m_f(m_f.GetUpperBound(0)).Closed, _

AddressOf UnloadChildForm




ReDim Protect m_f(m_f.GetUpperBound(0) – one)

6. Finally we have to carry out a method to get out our mdi child type through the array listing so we could load it again if we would like.

Non-public Sub UnloadForm(ByVal sender As Procedure.Object, ByVal e As Program.EventArgs)

Dim i As Very long

Dim s As String = sender.GetType().Identify

Dim IndexForEventHandler = -one

i = SearchChildForm(s, IndexForEventHandler)

If i >= 0 Then m_sLoadedForms.RemoveAt(i)

If IndexForEventHandler >= 0 Then

RemoveHandler m_f(IndexForEventHandler).Closed, AddressOf UnloadForm

m_f(IndexForEventHandler) = Nothing